We are audiophiles, passionate about and striving for reproduction of music that communicates, involves and moves us. We have been on the buy, trade-up, merry-go-round for more years than we care to admit. After many years of building, improving and upgrading equipment ourselves, we have found a way to achieve significant sonic improvements for a comparatively small outlay.

To get good sound is not that hard, to get great sound is harder, but to cross the threshold we call 'magic', we found we needed CryoMusic™ treated tubes, interconnects, loudspeaker cable in concert with other select matched components.

The result? A stunning improvement in every perceivable parameter. CryoMusic™ treatment gives a detailed, fast, realistic and musically involving reproduction of sound. There is a lack of grain, hash and noise between the instruments. There is a blackness and smoothness to the music that needs to be experienced to be believed. The voice appears so much more realistic, as a person right there in front of you, coming out of an absolute black background. It sounds like real music, rather than an artifact.

You will hear smooth, grain free, detailed, fast, beautiful timbres and textures that all together give you a musically involving experience.

We want to share with other audiophiles the stunning benefits of CryoMusic™ cryogenic treatment of audio components at realistic prices.


I cannot believe how beautiful vocals sound...
...once you hear how 'stress free' these cables sound it's hard to go back
This is a great performance in absolute terms and incredible for the money.
The music was SOOOOO smooth, the speaker cables delivered the music with such ease it was a pleasure to listen to at loud volumes...
There was a stunning improvement in every perceivable parameter.
I am floored! The improvements are immediate and very obvious...
...more definition, lush and very detailed, there is also an immediacy and strong presence as if the vocalist is in front of me.