We have achieved excellent results by cryogenically treating audio components;
  • Phono Cartridges
  • Op Amps
  • Valve Amplifier Transformers
  • Sockets and Plugs (e.g. valve sockets, IEC plugs, Eichmann Bullets)
  • Fuses
  • Inductors


For Tube/Valve Cryo Service
  • Contact us with your request to treat your valves.
  •  We will respond with quote, which includes return postage. Typical turn around time is maximum 14 days from receipt, possibly earlier.
  • You ship your valves to us, we will test them on our AVO 5 Type IV and advise you of their condition prior to cryo treatment. We will also let you know if any received valve is suspect or weak.
  • On your acceptance, we will treat your valves, re-test them after treatment and advise you that the treatment is complete.
  • Send payment via Paypal, money order or direct fund transfer. We will ship valves back to you on receipt.
Pricing for Cryo Treatment of Valves
1 to 4 ea.
5 to 10 ea.11 to 20 ea.
9 Pin Signal Valves (12AX7 etc)A $24.90A $22.50A $20.00
Octal Medium Valves (6SN7 etc)A $37.90A $35.30A $30.00
Medium Power Valves (EL34 etc)A $59.90A $54.90A $48.00
Large Valves (KT88, 300B etc)A $79.90A $72.50A $65.00


There was a stunning improvement in every perceivable parameter. What struck me at first was the blackness, lack of grain, hash and noise between the instruments. The voice appeared to be so much more realistic, as a person right there in front of you, coming out of an absolute black background. It was like real music, rather than artificial. At first I couldn't believe my ears. I swapped back to a standard set of Bugle Boys 6DJ8s and confirmed that I'd never be able to go back to an untreated tube again. I knew I had to do all my tubes. I was sold.
Steve Garland, Wentworth Falls, NSW

The improvements are immediate and very obvious compared to similar untreated Mullard CV4003. Your CryoMusic treated versions are hands down the winner; blacker backgrounds and deeper bass without loss of highs, in fact the frequency range appears to have extended. The detail is amazing even with ordinary untreated CD!

Your treated CD (Audiophile Voices 3) I must say is a remarkable improvement compared to same untreated one!  I would describe it as darker and blacker, more definition, lush and very detailed, there is also an immediacy and strong presence as if the vocalist is in front of me. 
Chester Ong, Hong Kong

DVDs and CDs

CryoMusicSystems has developed proprietary processes and custom equipment to optimise the treatment of CDs and as a result, found similar dramatic improvements in SACDs and DVDs. We deep dry cryogenically treat the disc to eliminate any optical defects created during the CD pressing process, allowing your playback system to extract maximum information from the disc.

The background hash disappears giving a smooth clean presentation of the music. Voices and instruments are clearer and more clearly separated, more alive, more involving and more musical. Video quality in DVDs are also improved, with more and cleaner data being extracted from the disc after cryogenic treatment.


Why would cryogenic treatment improve the sonic quality of CDs?

CDs, SACDs and DVDs are moulded from polycarbonate polymer, a material known for its optical clarity. During the moulding process, the polymer is melted, stamped under high pressure and then cooled rapidly.  This rapid change in temperature causes stress points in the material known as birefringence. Deep, Dry Cryogenic Treatment by CryoMusicSystems removes these birefringence defects by relieving the stress in the polycarbonate polymer, thereby eliminating optical errors from your disc and allowing your playback system to extract maximum information.

Are the effects of this treatment permanent?
Yes. The treatment is a once-only treatment, making it permanent.

Does the treatment improve the sound of bad recordings?
No it cannot improve a bad recording. It only improves the quality of the data being processed by your player.

How can you tell a disc has been treated?
Apart from the sonic improvement, physically the disc feels 'softer' and less hard or brittle after treatment, as the treatment is a stress relieving process.